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For remote IT support we use TeamViewer.
If you download the application using the links below then advise us of the ID we will then use this to connect to you.

Download Remote Support Application

Download Host Application for unattended access

Downloading the remote support file from the links given above.

The first link is one file, which can be run as and when you need remote support.
To use this support option you will need to be present and let us know the ID and Password each time you would like support. Saving the file somewhere that is easily accessible will enable a faster response, as you will not need to download it each time. Save the document on your desktop or in My Document.

The second remote support option is an application which is installed on your computer. Once downloaded you can run the setup program which guides you thorugh a wizard install.
This takes a few minutes to install and allows you to set a password for unattended access. Once the password is set you will need to contact us with the ID and password in order for us to connect and provide remote support. This password can be changed at any time you wish. This option is ideal if you would like out of hours IT Support to minimise downtime during office hours.