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Are you looking to replace or upgrade an existing data network, install a computer network as part of an office move or office expansion? Do you need fast access to the information & data on your network?

TeamK have years of experience in upgrading and installing computer networks from connecting just a few computers to connecting thousands of computers and devices.

The benefits of having a computer network (LAN), either wired or wireless (wifi) is becoming increasingly more common as more of us become reliant upon being connected with each other.
Your business can experience greater efficiency with everyone sharing information and resources such as printers. Being able to connect at any time to the internet, or able to update that invoice can increase your business competitiveness.

Providing your customers with wireless access to the internet is also becoming more common, with more people expecting wifi whereever they are.

Remote Network Access

Even when there is a network in place for your business, either wired, wireless or a combination of both, additional functionality can be required. Remote working is becoming more and more common as the workforce is more mobile. Access to network resources are required for either mobile workers or people working from home. In order to protect your business data, a secure and robust solution is needed.

This can even be a request for access to systems such as CCTV over the internet. The network will need to be configured to make sure the information is accessible.

If you would like greater flexibility and efficiency from your network, get in touch with us today.

At TeamK we can analyse your requirements and select the appropriate network equipment in an impartial manner.

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A company with multiple offices in many different remote locations was upgrading their broadband services. In order to maintain connectivity during this switchover all wireless routers were setup with the correct wifi and LAN configuration before being installed at site. The specification of the wireless routers was particularly important during this project as each remote office needed a VPN connection back to head office in order to maintain file sharing capabilities. Once a suitable wireless router was identified, the hardware was sourced and setup. Technical assistance was given remotely once the wireless routers had been installed using our remote access application to resolve any issues.