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Hard Drive Erasure : Torquay

hard drive wiping

If you are in Torquay and need your hard drives wiping of senstive data, our data wiping services are for you.

Our hard drive erasure process ensures that any data that was previously on the disk is completely wiped. Unlike some other local companies to Torquay offering this service we have specialised equipment which works at the hardware level and we are not using a software application to write blanks over the existing data.

We are able to securely wipe all hard drives using a Verity Degausser to provide commercial security, so there is no fear of your data falling into the wrong hands. All serial numbers will be recorded and provide a data destruction certificate for compliance.

Even non functioning and faulty hard drives can be ensured to be clear from any data retrieval efforts using this process. A magnetic field is sent through the hard drive, which damages the storage system and making them unusable.

This process is not restricted to hard drives, it can be used with other data media also.

Failure to destroy data could mean your company is in breach of the Data Protection Act.
Hard disks within your computers can contain confidential, personally idetifiable information such as employee or customer records.
Failure of not ensuring this data is secure, or properly destroyed can lead to prosecution, even in a small business.

Aside from any legalities, if your company data falls into a competitor's hands, this could result in your business suffering. Could your business strategies, knowledge base or customer and supplier information be of any use to your competitors?
It is crucial that this information is protected.

Hard Drive wiping £25 ex VAT per item

Your hard drive will be unusable after this process of secure wiping

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