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How important is your business data?

No matter whether you run a large enterprise company or a small to medium sized business, there will be data that is important to you and the running of your business.

Computers are vulnerable to hardware failure, virus attacks, theft and accidental deletion, which can erase important data in an instant.

Ensuring that data is retrievable in the event of a technical mishap, accidental deletion or corruption is a very common worry amongst business owners and managers. More and more businesses are also thinking about business continuity, how to get their business back up and running in the event of a disaster such as a flood or fire.

The majority of businesses have a backup system in place already. Quite often it revolves around a couple of USB external hard drive and then a manual process where a nominated member of the company takes one of them offsite somewhere for safe keeping whilst replacing it with the other USB drive. The TeamK offsite backup solution is a cloud based service, which can be up and running within 10 minutes and is completely automatic, so you can truly set it and forget it.

There is no initial outlay, no setup costs or contract. Pay a fixed price each month and gain peace of mind that your business data is safe.

TeamK offsite backup service is an automated way to keep your data safe, offering peace of mind for a fixed monthly fee.



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Offsite Backup Pricing

Small Business Backup

For homes or small businesses with important files on a computer which are needed to be kept safe and secure.

This protects your files against hardware failure, accidental deletion or corruption and disasters such as fire and floods.

4 per month

Business Server Backup

This option is for businesses which have a server or Network Attached Storage which holds critical business data.

Ensure your business continuity by having business data readily available in instances such as hardware failure.

Demonstrate your business has a disaster recovery plan to cover the eventuality of fire or flood.

Retrieve previous versions of files which have been accidentally deleted or corrupted.

20 per month

Backup and Disaster Recovery

TeamK offer backup and disaster recovery services in Torquay, Exeter, Plymouth, Newton Abbot and surrounding areas in Devon.

If your business has a backup solution in place and would like to update and streamline the process, or if you are taking your first steps to implement a new backup or disaster recovery solution TeamK are able to assist. The team at TeamK have performed many recoveries of data in real life situations for many companies. From small businesses with a few employees to large corporate enterprise companies.

From backup solutions for the small business, up to disaster recovery for Enterprise networks
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