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Microsoft Teams - Collaboration with Microsoft 365

Microsoft Teams is the collaboration tool in Office 365 suite.
Enhancing productivity within your company and enabling collaboration with flexibility.

Collaboration can take place anywhere with an internet connection, from a small team working collaboratively on documents to holding departmental meetings, there are many ways of utilising Microsoft Teams to improve efficiency in your business.

Microsoft Teams combines instant messaging, video calling, audio conferencing, file sharing and much more all in a single workspace.

Microsoft Teams - Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging enables quick efficient communication with other people inside and outside of the organisation.

It is easy to drop someone a quick message, if they are busy or in a meeting the message will be waiting for them to respond when they are available.
An ideal way to ask those quick questions and get quick answers.
Setting up group chats are also an ideal way for knowledge sharing across teams, especially when the team may be located in different areas.

Microsoft Teams - Meetings

Microsoft Teams provides and easy way to host or join online meetings. From a 1-2-1 chat right through to a conference with thousands of people attending.
Meetings can be organised easily, with attendee options of joining using video or audio, using any device, even dialling in by phone.

Collaborate and discuss topics without geography being an issue.
Brainstorm ideas using a whiteboard and present information directly from your laptop to show information quickly and accurately.

From many attendees to just setting up a 1-2-1 chat, a Microsoft Teams meeting is often a good way to improve productivity and reduce travel requirements.

Microsoft Teams - File Sharing

Take full advantage of the benefits of working on documents collaboratively in Office 365 using Microsoft Teams.
Files can be shared with colleagues and documents can be updated by multiple people at the same time, reducing the need to email around documents and wait for updates to be sent back before the document is complete.
It's an easy way of working together that soon becomes second nature.

Installation, Migration and support of Office 365

Are your team wasting time in meetings with old fashioned ways of working, like sharing files over email and USB sticks?
Get ready to collaborate in new, more efficient ways.

Microsoft Teams boosts team collaboration and streamlines interactions with external people, whether that is with suppliers, partners or customers. All resulting in an increased productivity for your business.

TeamK is experienced in the installation, migration and support of Microsoft Teams. Located near Exeter, Devon we are within easy reach of Torquay, Plymouth, Newton Abbot and surrounding areas in Devon.

If you need assistance installing and implementing Microsoft Teams for your business, or migrating from an existing collaboration platform, TeamK can provide your business with the help it needs.

There are multiple Office 365 plans that include Microsoft Teams. TeamK will focus on an efficient solution that will provide your business with greater productivity, maintaining your edge over the competition.

Microsoft Teams, for the small business, up to Enterprise networks
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