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Virus Removal vs Computer Rebuild

Computer Virus

Computer Virus Removal

This is a very common request that we carry out for many customers.

Occassionally a computer virus may be suspected and we are requested to clean the computer, however the majority of the time a computer virus is not even suspected. Usually the computer or laptop is not performing in the way that you would expect. The symptons vary, the most noticable symptons of a computer virus are when you get pop up notifications that you are not expecting. There are many reasons why someone might write a computer virus and sometimes they may wish for the virus to go unnoticed, so it can do what is required without you noticing and removing it. The most noticable indication is usually the speed of the computer or laptop, either during use or during startup.

A very high percentage of computers and laptops we see that are reporting very poor, slow performance are due to virus and malware infections, even though they are usually not suspected.

The virus removal often takes several days, many different scans and procedures are run, depending on the type of infections that are present. The hardware of your computer and it's ability to run the scans, as well as the amount of data that is stored on your computer can all affect the length of time the process takes.

The cost for removal of viruses and malware from a computer or laptop is 65.

Computer System Rebuild

There are a couple of reasons why you may wish to have your computer or laptop rebuilt from scratch.

Wiping the disc completely and then reinstalling the operating system is the best and recommended way of removing viruses and malware from your hard drive with certainty without leaving any traces behind.

This will speed up your computer and remove all the software that has been downloaded over the years that no-one has got around to removing.

Before a computer system rebuild, we will backup any data that is stored in the documents area. If you store data in another area, let us know and we can take a backup of that area too. This data will be checked for any suspcious files during this backup process.

The hard drive will then be wiped and the operating system (which is usually Windows) will be installed, based on a valid license key.

This is a much quicker process, although this only installs the operating system, so any other software which you regularly use will need to be added back on.

The cost for a system rebuild is 55.

If you have any questions or want to arrange a repair, the quickest way to contact us is via our email form.  

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