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We provide a professional and reliable Xbox repair service and can repair almost any fault, for much less than the cost of a new device.

Prices for some of the more common Xbox repairs can be found below, if you do not see the repair you are looking for please contact us through our email form .

XBOX 360 Faulty DVD drive or not reading discs - £45.00 to £60.00

If you are experiencing problems with your xbox whereby you receive a message on the screen informing you that this disc is unreadable, please clean with a soft cloth or games freeze during gameplay then chances are you require your drive to be refurbished or replaced. Our engineers will first inspect your old drive and evaluate whether it should be refurbished or if the whole drive should be replaced. Our method for replacing the drive does not involve re-flashing the daughter board so you can be assured that your console will be repaired professionally and legally.

XBOX 360 Slim not reading discs, faulty DVD drive - £45.00 to £65.00

As with the original Xbox 360 the slimline model is starting to show problems with reading discs after time, this includes the message that this disc is unreadable and should be cleaned with a soft cloth, other faults that could be due to a faulty laser are that games stop during gameplay or you randomly receiving the open tray message when at the dashboard. Once your drive has been dismantled our engineers will evaluate whether your existing drive can be refurbished or whether a replacement is required.

XBOX 360 Slim DVD drive tray stuck - £30.00 to £45.00

Microsoft have now improved the cooling on the 360 Slim model by placing the fan on top of the chips heatsink with vents above it just like you would find in a computer, unfortunately though one of the common faults we are starting to see a lot of with this model is that the DVD drive tray gets stuck. Our engineers will carefully dismantle your console, disassemble the drive, re-align it, replace any broken or worn parts, reassemble it and return it to you in full working order.

XBOX 360 - 1 red light / 3 red lights / Error 74 - £60.00

One of the most common faults with the xbox 360 is that it blinks three red lights or starts freezing. Other faults due to overheating are that the graphics get distorted with lines down the screen or in other causes no picture is displayed at all. Another sympton is that it shows two or or one red light with a message on this screen informing you that you have the error E74. These are all hardware malfunctions that occur when the console overheats. This is usually caused when the x-clamps work loose over time or after long periods of game play which in turn causes it to go beyond its limited heating levels and will often result in the errors mentioned here being experienced. When we rectify this fault we also carry out some internal modifications that we have developed and tested over many years, one of which includes installing a more powerful fan which should stop the fault re-occurring.

XBOX 360/Slim controllers not syncing - £35.00 to £45.00

If you have tried re-syncing your controller to your console by pressing the sync button on the xbox and also on the controller but they still will not connect, or perhaps you have no green lights showing around the power button? Should you have experienced this fault then this is the repair that you require.

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All Xbox repairs are guaranteed for 3 months against the original fault only. The warranty covers against defects only and not against obvious misuse. We will not take responsibility for unrelated faults. Note:- Once we open your Xbox any manufacturers warranty will be void.

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