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Nintendo DS Lite Repair

DS Lite repair

We provide a professional and reliable DS Lite repair service and can repair almost any fault, for much less than the cost of a new device.

Prices for some of the more common DS Lite repairs can be found below, if you do not see the repair you are looking for please contact us through our email form .

DS Lite Top or Bottom replacement LCD screen - £35

This fault is perhaps the most common of all Nintendo DS Lite repairs. Due to the fragile design of the LCD top screen and the pressure sensitive bottom screen we receive many consoles with cracks on the screens. Although playable if the crack is small it can become worse if not repaired. If you have attempted to repair the DS Lite console yourself and a fault has occurred it is usually due to damage on the electrical PCB ribbon connecting the DS Lite top screen to the main board. The replacement screens are brand new and the above price includes parts and fitting.

DS Slot 1 pins bent/not reading games - £30 to £40

This fault is usually caused by putting the DS game cartridges in the slot the wrong way round causing the pins to bend out of their original position. As slight as the bend on even one of the DS lite pins may seem trivial, it can cause the console not to read Nintendo cartridges. Inserting any other objects in the cartridge slot may cause the same problem. Our experienced engineers can replace these delicate pins with official Nintendo pins or replace the complete slot. Once the repair to the DS is complete our quality control team will test the console with numerous games to ensure it reads the cartridges.

DS Lite Touch Screen Problems/Screen won't calibrate - £30

This fault is often caused simply through wear and tear over a period of time. The screen may appear heavily scratched, actions may not occur where you press or it may not respond at all. Having a deep scratch or dent in the screen may affect the touch screen as the calibration will not function correctly. Our expert engineers will replace the bottom touch screen layer with a brand new part which will rectify the problem.

DS Lite directional or power button repair - £30

If your Nintendo DS input buttons are worn or not working, then this is the repair service for you. We will clean the main board copper contacts, replace your old buttons complete with rubber insets. If your console is failing to turn on when the power switch is pressed, then it is likely that the switch on the mainboard will have to be replaced. Our expert technicians will replace the faulty part with a brand new one which will bring your Nintendo DS back to full working order again.

DS Lite Broken Hinge or Cracked Case?
(Case colour dependant on availability)

Nintendo DS Lite Replacement Case (Black, White or Pink) - £40

This is perhaps the most obvious fault on the DS lite, generally the right hinge will be cracked or even missing, maybe it has broken after a sharp knock or fall? The top half of the DS will in some cases come loose from the right hand hinge. The top screen must be functional or the price may increase as the top screen will need to be replaced. We are here to help just get in touch with us to arrange a replacement case to be fitted with one of our engineers.

Nintendo DS Lite Replacement Case and Top LCD Screen - £45

If the hinge cracks it is important to stop using the DS straight away as continuous use will weaken the top screens ribbon cable. Generally the right hinge will be cracked or even missing. The top half of the DS will in some cases come loose from the right hand hinge and the screen will flicker or not turn on. The top screen PCB ribbon is very fragile and when the hinge breaks it can often become damaged. Two other wires, one black (wi-fi) and one white (microphone) may also become damaged, we will also replace these within the cost of the repair if they are required. Our discounted price above includes the fitting of a new top screen and case which will return your DS to full working order.

Main board faults, replacement board - £55

Power faults with the Nintendo DS Lite are generally caused by the mainboard especially if the unit has got wet. This is a common fault and is usually caused by circuitry damage on the DS lite board. Repairs to the main board are often complicated so sometimes require replacement of the whole mainboard for an official Nintendo UK specification board.

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All DS Lite repairs are guaranteed for 3 months against the original fault only. The warranty covers against defects only and not against obvious misuse. We will not take responsibility for unrelated faults. Note:- Once we open your DS Lite any manufacturers warranty will be void.

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